Friday, September 10, 2004

I see! (Eyetrack III)

I think pretty much everybody who designs web pages in earnest will be (or should be) reading the results from the Eyetrack III studies for the next few weeks. The summary is quite rich, but the full site goes into even more specifics. I wish a had a print edition that I could carry around with me and spread out on my desk as I work. The low resolution of the online display prevents us from really being able to study examples comparatively. Despite the limitations of the browser window for publishing this kind of material, its subject is how to publish web material, so we have to cut it some slack. There's a lot of great information throughout the site.For starters, it appears that I'd better start writing shorter paragraphs! Maybe once I've digested it all, I'll figure out a list of proposed modifications to this standard Blogger template. Putting something into practice is the best way to cement it in memory.


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